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Welcome to our Demo Area. The following are some downloadable QuickTime clips of our work. They require at minimum QuickTime vers.5 to play but we reccomend getting the latest QT free player. LIQUID/GREGWARE uses the latest encoding technologies available, to achieve the highest video quality deliverable on the web. If you are unsure of which versions to view, or having trouble viewing some clips, please take a moment to visit our Download Center to get the appropriate free updates.

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"The Liquid Short Form & Design Demo": Dur: 5:00

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"Wow, far out man" - Coulter Watt

"Natural Born Killers": Dur: 30
 Promo for The Movie Channel
Hard edge and mass branding imagery reflect Oliver Stone's vision of media obsession.

"The Lolita Story": Dur:1: 50
Promo for Showtime Television Networks & Blockbuster Entertainment
Excerpts from the theatrical documentary on Vladimir Nabokov; and the cinematic as well as literary history of one of the most profound and provocative novels of the 20th century; "Lolita".

"Kennedy vs Wallace": Dur:2: 00
For PBS / "The American Experience" / Drew Associates
Promo for the Award winning documentary by Robert Drew & Drew Associates, on the historic confrontation between the Kennedy Administration and Alabama's Governor George Wallace, over the admission of the first black students to the University of Alabama.
"VIBE / Hip Hop Summit": Dur:: 55
For VIBE Magazine
Promo for VIBE Magazine's annual event involving record executives, political figures, and leading artists in the Hip Hop community, who openly deal with issues facing the music industry and the black community as a whole.

Your's truly and the Reverend Heavy Duty skiing BALLS OUT in the altitude. Spring time at Arapahoe Basin.

** Some older versions of Real, QuickTime and Windows Media Player may work on these clips, but we encourage on-line viewers to use the latest players/codecs available for the simple reason that they greatly improve image quality and performance. Please visit our Download Center to get links to the latest free players/codecs.

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